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Ways to Work with Me

ways to work with me
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Within my Naturopathic Practice, I work with patients to facilitate forward wellness and sustainable health, through whole person individualized wellness care.

Clinical Nutrition

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Interested in beginning naturopathic care together?

The two ways to work with me are:   
The Remedies-Route & The Non-Remedies Route

Remedies Route

  • Encompasses the full breadth of what naturopathic medicine has to offer, with full access to my naturopathic treatment tool box. 

  • Patients within this stream can expect multiple remedies as part of their care plans.  

  • Multiple remedies are to be expected; as, when supporting physiology with remedies, it’s more like a team sport v.s. a solo endeavor.  Each directive for change can cause a ripple effect, affecting other organ systems.  As, the body doesn’t work in areas of isolation, but it is instead very much interconnected.  So, to safely and effectively treat, in a way that mitigates potential aggravation, the majority of the time, multiple remedies are required within each care plan.    

  • What are remedies? Remedies are often thought of as supplements or natural health products; they include botanical medicine, nutriceuticals, complex homeopathics etc. Remedies would be an added investment into your care. 

  • Am I able to later switch to the Non-Remedies Route, if I want? Absolutely.  

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Non-Remedies Route

  • This route of working together does not utilize remedies (natural health products), but instead rests upon other tools in my naturopathic medicine tool box, such as body work, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, lifestyle, and nutrition. 

  • Although the non-remedies route doesn’t exclude those with specific goals and concerns, it is best geared toward those who are not looking to resolve a specific issue, but instead looking to support physiology as a whole, to produce calming stress relief and improved wellbeing.


  • Am I able to later switch to the Remedies Route, if I want?  Absolutely.

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Initial Visit
Naturopathic Medicine
60-120 minutes

Let's get started! Upon scheduling your first appointment, you are sent patient intake forms through the secure, online, electronic medical record keeping system; they are to be completed before your initial visit.  These forms are quite comprehensive, and imperative to getting a thorough and complete understanding of your health history. Dr. Janessa, ND reviews these forms prior to meeting with you for your initial visit. Completing these forms ahead of time more efficiently expedites the forward progression with respect to your health and allows for your in-visit time with Dr. Janessa to be best spent!


During the initial visit, more of the puzzle pieces pertaining to your health are collected.

You have the opportunity to share your story, to explain why it is you've come in, your health hang-ups, concerns, intentions and goals, plus where you'd like to head with your health.


Further discussion is involved within the intake, a focused physical exam is completed, and the acquisition of blood work, and/or imaging results, and/or functional testing may be done if warranted. Dr. Janessa may request results from prior testing done through other members of your health team (e.g. family medical doctor, or specialists); with consenting permission, a request is sent on your behalf to collect this information.


With your unique health picture taking form, from here, within the initial visit, Dr. Janessa devises, and presents to you your initial individualized care plan! This plan is reviewed together before wrapping up the visit, and you leave with your plan in hand!

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