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...great for the first onset of a cold/flu-the first indications you may be getting sick, tired feet, and sleep!...

Check-out this simple how-to from one of the featured points in the Acupressure Guide!

Welcome to the 5-part educational series on blue light, screen time, and health.   Join me as we dive into the research!  Throughout this series, learn about current findings, my naturopathic two cents, and finally practical ways in which you and your family can improv...

Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone DO, DC, ND (Osteopath, Chiropractor, and Naturopath) (1890-1991), over a 60 year period, Polarity Therapy integrates wellness philosophy and wisdom from the East and West.(1)

Winter can be a challenging time for us and our health! From colds and flus, to dry skin, to energy and mood struggles, check out this deep-dive into winter wellness; Dr. Janessa, ND covers it all with her interview with Wehl.

My journaling is completely unfiltered, unedited pen to paper. It's vulnerable and abstract, and provides meaning for me. It's not about eloquently constructing a polished piece of writing, the purpose of my journaling is free, in-the-moment expression.