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The Importance of Acupuncture Front Mu Points!

Tune-in to learn about these incredible points!


What some of the research has to say:

Excerpts from: Neurophysiologic Basis of Front-Mu Points from the Journal of Neuroanatomy

"The Front-Mu points are closely correlated

to the dermatomes of spinal nerves supplying autonomic

innervation to the related organ." (3)

  • This means, as far as the nervous system goes, there is an association between the location of the Mu points and our body’s sense perception of those areas and the connection to the related organs, through autonomic nerve communications.

"In acupuncture application, front-mu points are

used in the treatment of visceral disease [22]. Utilizing

acupuncture on the front-mu points awakens the

cutaneous-visceral reflexes, and this causes a regulated

effect on related organ." (3)

"From these data, we

can conclude that regulating the sympathetic and the

parasympathetic activity related with a particular organ

is one of the strong effect mechanisms of acupuncture

to Front-Mu points that are used to treat the diseases of visceral organs." (3)

  • The full research review can be found by following the link in the references!


  1. CCNM ASM 203 Notes: Back Shu and Front Mu Points

  2. Maciocia, Giovanni. The Foundations of Chinese Medicine. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2001.


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