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SCREEN TIME, Blue Light, and Your HEALTH! Relevant Research + Healthy Lifestyle 101

So, I know too much screen time is likely not great, but what truly is the impact on my health? Is there research out there on the topic? Also, what's the deal with these blue blocking glasses I see floating around on social media?

What was that??... light can affect my hormones and sleep!?


Welcome to the 5-part educational series on blue light, screen time, and health. Join me, as we address these questions and more by taking a dive into the research! Throughout this series, learn about current findings, my naturopathic two cents, and practical ways in which you and your family can improve your health + leave with a series souvenir!

The major take-aways from the series + the 5 health tips discussed can be picked up here: 5 Health Tips + More Freebie

Questions or comments? I want to hear them! Post them to me through Instagram or Facebook!

Let's get started...with those practical 5 health tips!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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