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My 5 Top Benefits To Journaling

In the past, I didn't think journaling was for me. However, I gave it a-go, tried it out, and it has shown to be such a beneficial and enjoyable piece to a healthy and purposeful lifestyle!

My journaling is completely unfiltered, unedited pen to paper. It's vulnerable and abstract, and provides meaning for me. It's not about eloquently constructing a polished piece of writing, the purpose of my journaling is free, in-the-moment expression.

coffee mug and journal


So here they are..

Here are my 5 Top Benefits To J-O-U-R-N-A-L-I-N-G.


1) An Emotional Outlet-expressing and working through emotions

It's common in emotionally charged scenarios to have difficulty allowing the processing and unpacking of those emotions. It may be that you had a difficult exchange or a contentious argument with a loved one, or you're feeling particularly irritable or down. Whatever the emotion may be, I've found journaling to be a key asset in unloading those emotions, allowing them to flow, and getting them out in plain sight. Afterwards, when you're done unloading, not only will you likely feel better from honouring the expressive outlet for that emotion, you have provided more space. You can then take a more objective stance with respect to the circumstances and how you want to proceed moving forward. From this place, you are no longer acting from a reactionary, emotionally stagnant state, but instead, you are moving forward from a more free flowing centred place of health and being. #LiverQiStagnationSAYWHAT


2. Creative Expression

Often times, my journaling will be comprised of point forms, lists, and even sometimes squiggles and diagrams. I appreciate this venue for free, light, fun, and creative artistic expression. I'm not per say artistically gifted, but I do value this avenue for the creative free expression inherent within us. Again, give yourself permission to be courageous in that vulnerability to simply express-in that unfiltered, moment by moment way💕


3. Dreaming

Often times my journaling entries will capture my dreams and aspirations, my big picture ambitions in life, and what I'd like to be a part of my life. Journaling is a nice way of dipping into this place of possibility and expansion. Although from my dream board, but not a Janessa original, “Aligned with the impossible.” is a quote that resides there (kudos to the originator of that one!💚) Everything that had never been done before, was at one time, seemingly impossible. Journaling provides the canvas for thinking big and boundless possibility. Because, why not! Don't let your fear or the limitations you place on yourself shut down the potential and possibility for you and your life! 💜


4. Reflecting and Moving Forward

Ever find yourself caught in a rut, wake up, do yo thing, rinse, and repeat? If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, should we really be necessarily banking on different results? If we're doing something over and over again in the same way, are we practising for success, or are there times, where we are simply ingraining an inferior approach? I have found, if we don't allow for the space, time, and opportunity to regularly sit in a place of reflection, the opportunity for tweaks can simply pass us by. We may simply hammer away at the same thing, and miss opportunities for refinement, growth, and new insight. I've found journaling helpful from a place of reflecting on what went well, areas for improvement, and how I'd like to move forward. Which leads me to my #5 personal benefit to journaling.


5) Putting Dreams, Goals, and Intentions into Action.

Journaling has highlighted with a simple lense of clarity the transition when moving from dreams to action. I find, sometimes I catch myself getting bogged down by busy work. I was busy all day, but where was the progress, what do I have to show for it? Where I was spending my time, was it really worth it in terms of where I'm headed? Without being thick in the trenches of the “to-do” list, journaling helps to realign my action to my purpose and with where I place that bigger picture importance. Sometimes, I'll even snap a pic. of that focused clarity from my journaling, and add that to my next day agenda/ to-do list, so I am reminded of the path I have chosen, as to maintain that alignment with where I aim to be.


Has your health got you stuck, unable to move forward, and frustrated from detouring in circles?

Don't let the state of YOUR health get in front of YOUR purpose.

Allow me to help guide you forward when it comes to your health. Work with me toward not only greater health progress, but maintenance of that forward state, so you are free for what truly matters.


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Dr. Janessa, Naturopathic Doctor

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